Saturday, June 4, 2011

Messi Nearly So Beating Victim

Rosario - Apes true fate of Lionel Messi. Intention vacation in my hometown, Massey received no wear even when she was almost a victim of a beating.

The incident occurred when Messi with the family was having lunch at one restaurant in Rosario, Thursday (6/2/2011), the city of his birthplace 23 years ago.

Suddenly came a young man came in and immediately hit square off Messi. Lucky punch him fumble and Messi did not hit anything.

"I'm not even touched," I Messi after the incident as reported by Reuters.

Cash incident makes sensation around and a few photographers to capture the moment as much as possible. After diselidik was young it was Rosario Central fans, rival club Newell's Old Boys. Messi before the Barca academy played at Newell's.

"I do not feel anything and I tried to find out after the commotion, but no nothing," continued Messi told Ole.

According to the testimony of an eyewitness, Messi himself did not try to fight or to reply to the boy's treatment. After the incident, Massey rushed to leave the restaurant.

"We're capturing the picture and we saw a floating hand and he avoided it. (Messi) does not react badly, he just went to his car," said an eyewitness, Carolina, told C5N.
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FIFA Investigating Nigeria vs Argentina Match

Zurich - FIFA Investigating Nigeria vs Argentina Match

FIFA to investigate a friendly match between Argentina contra Nigeria middle of last week due to the indication score setting.

Nigeria won the game by a score of 4-1. As reported by AFP, suspicions arise when the team managed to minimize lag Tango Mauro Boselli through a penalty after previously had missed the 0-4 first.

This suspicion occurred referee's decision Chaibou Ibrahim (Niger) gives a fairly controversial penalty. In addition, extra time should match lasted for five minutes, ending at minute 98. Pointed out that many of the bookmakers who set goals that will happen again when the position 4-0 to Nigeria.

"FIFA confirmed that the match between Argentina contra Nigeria is one that makes us pay attention, and will be a wider investigation by FIFA," the organization said in a statement that the world's highest football quoted by AFP.

Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) says FIFA is ready to assist in conducting investigations. But once NFF asserted that the presumption of innocence must remain held in this regard.

"We'll put the steps of this investigation in the corridors of fair play and transparency,"said NFF secretary-general was quoted as saying of Moses Amadu Yahoosport.

"But we still emphasize that, until the suspicion is proven, we believe that we won with a fair and honest ... it is still relevant, to our knowledge, sodium absorption ratio there are other motives for this game than playing in a fair and win fair .
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Maradona said sarcastically FIFA

Dubai - Argentina legend Diego Maradona FIFA sarcastic. The man nicknamed "Hand of God " that calls the appropriate magnifying FIFA dinosaurs. What does he mean?

In beberpa last week, FIFA was shaken problem, one related to a bribery scandal that makes two FIFA EXCO member, Mohammed Bin Hammam and Jack Walters sanctions suspension.

The problem is even bribes could make the leadership chair Sepp Blatter became shaken, although in the end Blatter re-elected as FIFA president for the next period.

The issue also attracted the attention of FIFA Maradona. Argentina coach at the 2010 World Cup was called the supreme body of world football as the dinosaurs.

"All alone ... FIFA will be the same as major museums and their (FIFA officials - ed) the dinosaurs who do not want to give up power," said Maradona was quoted by Reuters.

"I'm not surprised Blatter re-elected because they managed to take care of myself. They probably will remain there until the age of 105 years," said Napoli star was the era of the 1980s.

"I hope them back, but ya do not dream they have no intention like that."

Maradona is considered that the FIFA is managed by people who do not understand football so bad it makes the performance of institutions.

"I've been asked to be part of the FIFA family, but I say: it's not a family name when no one else who plays football," straight forward man who is now coached Dubai, Al Wasl it.

"Many people agree with me when a lot of things that are not obvious in football today and what we are witnessing is actually not worthy of visits by people."

"The situation will remain the same when football is run by people who do not understand football," he added.
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'Kuyt Decent Playing in Barcelona'

Liverpool - Dirk Kuyt Quality one of commendation from former Liverpool player Jan Mølby. Former Reds midfielder was playing decent rate Kuyt at Barcelona.

When playing at FC Utrecht or Feyenoord, Kuyt is a classic center forward. After moving to England and to strengthen Liverpool, he was a little difficult to score goals on a regular basis because of the style and speed of play is slightly different.

But the man from the Netherlands were able to adapt, although its position is shifted slightly widened compared with what he lakoni at previous clubs.

Since joining in 2006 until now, Kuyt is a player in Liverpool's first choice despite the club based in Anfield had been several times changed its manager.

What was shown Kuyt get praise from Jan Mølby. Liverpool players in 1984-1996 was called that style of play Kuyt always difficult opponents.

"He ran, he worked hard, and he beat you," said Mølby quoted on the official club website.

Mølby assess that under the care of Kenny Dalglish, Kuyt getting shine because the pattern of training King Kenny managed to increase the ability of players numbered 18 it's back.

"I think training under Kenny Dalglish actually benefit him (Kuyt). There is more touches for individual players and Dick's first touch has improved because of it," lugasnya.

Danish man was of the opinion that with his ability, Kuyt was feasible to strengthen the world's great teams, including Barcelona.

"I always say this about him - and that means: he will be able to move to any team in the world. because he has things he can give."

"Maybe he (Kuyt) not the greatest footballer, but I think he could play in the team Barcelona."
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